Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Curtis LeMay

 once commented that he we had lost the war he would probably be executed as a war criminal. I do believe he was right.

LeMay ordered that thousands of Japanese be  literally baked, fried and broiled with his fire raids. It wasn't done simply to kill people. It was done to destroy the Japanese factories that were spread out in residential areas. 

These days I get really annoyed when people start accusing generals like Eisenhower of being war criminals. What is interesting enough to note is that Ike was pretty compassionate about executing people. He only permitted one convicted deserter to be shot in the entire ETO. His name was Eddie Slovak.

On the other hand, Hitler ordered the execution of thousands and thousands of German soldiers for little reason. Perhaps a comment here or there and it was off to the nearest wall and be handed a blindfold and a cigarette.

I often wonder what the very people that think this way would heve been saying if they had been another GI Joe in Europe or the Pacific. It's pretty easy to be self rightous sitting behind a keyboard seventy years after the fact.

I grew up in the 60s and have been exposed to the activist mentality all my life and the way I see it, it really has nothing to do with human decency. A lot of activists are truly violent people. Many have committed crimes like indiscriminate bombings and arsons.

As for the causes, they really are generally whatever they get fooled into believing, generally they are leftist but not always.

Timothy MacVeigh was a right wing activist and he took down the federal building in Oklahoma City during the Clinton years. While I didn't and still don't advocate it, I sure understand how he felt when he did it.

Still, there is a certain spoiled brat  mentality there and often it is both cruel and cowardly. The ANTIFA people are both cowardly and brutal. I seriously wonder how many would return if someone simply unmasked them and took their photograph. Most of them are just as cruel and cowardly as the Klan. Many are worse.

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