Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Three home invaders

 were shot and killed recently. The woman that was driving the getaway car has been arrested and charged.
What is interesting is that one of the relatives of one of the deceased home invaders is griping that the fight wasn't fair.
The person defending their home used an AR15 type rifle and shot all three invaders stone dead. Now someone is complaining that using a rifle like that meaans it isn't a fair fight.
Generally the person that complains about the fairness of a fight is the sore loser. Truth is there is no such thing as a fair fight outside of the ring. This 'put up your dukes' is a bunch of crap...especially when we are talking about criminal activity.
There is no obligation to fight fair to defend against a home invasion. Any weapon can be used and to be honest, it gladdens my heart to hear that a homeowner has outgunned an invader.
I think I am not alone in wanting to wake up to watch the morning news and hear that some cranky old bat fried a trio of home invaders with a flame thrower or a couple of gallons of napalm.
It would serve as an example to others that home invasion isn't a very good idea.
A few years back in another state there was a case in court where someone was going after a homeowner that defended his home. The prosecuting attorney asked the defendent why he had used a .45 automatic to defend his home.
Much to the amusement of the jury that let the defendant off, he replied that he didn't have a .46. I wish I was on that jury. I would have kaughed myself silly.
Truth is nobody should have to lose a child but the truth is also that it is up to the parents to raise their kids right. Still, as far as the fair fight business goes the term is generally used by the person that loses.
Back when I was in the service I was taught that if you find yourself in anything remotely resembling a fair fight than someone along the line did something wrong.

Personally I think an AR-15 is a pretty good houeshold defense weapon, depending on where one lives.

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