Friday, April 14, 2017

It is hard for me to sympathize with the guy that got beat up on American Airlines.

To begin with I read he was already off of the plane and charged right back in and dug in.

Secondly he physically resisted. He could have saved himself a lot of trouble and grief.

Thirdly while it looks like he got hammered, I seriously wonder how much of it is self-inflicted for the benefit of making it look worse than it is for the benefit of a future lawsuit.

Let's stop and think for a second about fighting with any security/LE/police/military type. It is common knowledge that you are not going to win the physical alteration. If you do win the battle you are going to lose the war. Physically battling against the system is a losing deal any way you slice it. You're gonna lose, Jack.

This clown fought the system physically and guess what? He lost.

Imagine that!

When things get so they are going to be physical against the powers that be it COURTROOM TIME. Sue the bastards, take them to court and you have a chance at winning.

Juries historically really don't like huge corporations so they are usually pretty generous with the settlements.

On the other hand, juries don't like assholes and this guy sure seems to have been one and if the jury thinks that this guy was being a jerk he likely won't get squat.

Guys like him don't really want to see me on the jury because I try and be fair and impartial and the truth is I don't like jerks trying to take what is not theirs.

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