Monday, April 3, 2017

Someone from overseas asked me about the election

I told them it was a case of stupidity on the part of both parties.

I explained that it was a case of Hillary could have beaten any of the potential Republican candidates EXCEPT for Donald Trump.

Any of the potential Democratic candidates EXCEPT Hillary could have beaten Donald Trump.

The Republicans wanted to run one of their party insiders and the rank and file revolted and forced them to run Trump.

What is happening now is the big shot Republican insiders are stymieing Trump as their way of punishing the little guys that supported Trump because they are scared he will upset their apple cart.


In other news I spoke with he father of a 16 year old daughter that is concerned as she is a bright young lady and doing well in high school. She's thinking about college.

My advice to him was to make damned good and well she has a plan before coughing up a fortune for her education. Of course, he was 100% in agreement.

He apparently is a lot more open minded than most regarding basic vocational education. He gets it.

I have an old classmate that went the vo-tech route back in the 60s and back then most parents really looked down on vo-tech because they believed the only route to success was college.

The interesting part is that when Joe and Connie College were in the junior year at the college of their choice this guy was opening his own business. 

The business has flourished and is still doing well.

What is interesting to note is the business was adjusted over time to meet his needs over his life. When he was raising kids he went gangbusters and did a lot of business. Now that his kids are raised and his house is paid for he has slowed down and enjoys life a lot more. He still makes money but he now picks and chooses which contracts to take.

Many vo-tech graduates go well beyond being tradesmen and become successful businessmen. 

I look around and in my area I see several trucks with the logo of a local plumbing company on it. My guess is the guy that owns the business has never set foot in a college classroom. Same goes for the owner of a local roofing company that owns the trucks I often see.

I see a lot of people out there doing quite well that only had high school or a vo tech education.

Come to think of it, most of the pains in the ass seem to have degrees.

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