Sunday, April 30, 2017

What makes America Great?

Someone about my age sent this to me. 

I should have been more careful when I opened it because he has a habit of making me snarf from time to time. He did it again and he owes me a bottle of 409 and a roll of paper towels to clean the coffee off of my laptop with.

The "What makes America Great" thing displayed below comes from a Firesign theater album released in the early 70s, around the time Blazing Saddles was released.

The world had a sense of humor then.

At risk of being called a racist, sexist xenophobe and a shoe salesman I'll post this. 


What makes America great.
Well.....  It's candied apples and ponies with dapples  you can ride all day!
It's girls with pimples  And cripples with dimples   that just won’t go  away !
Its spics and wops and niggers and kikes with noses as long as your arm!
Its micks and chinks and gooks and geeks and honkies   (Honk! Honk!)   who never left the farm !


In short, we're ALL Bozos on THIS bus.

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