Saturday, April 8, 2017

Someone the other day

made a comment about the people on the History Channel show 'Swamp People'. It wasn't a nice thing to say and it was clear as to where this clown was coming from.
He simply wanted someone to look down on and his comment didn't get the results he expected.
I looked at him and pointed out that those swamp dwellers were a lot more competent than he was.
Those people hunt and fish for a living and take care of themselves in a basic way,” I said to him. “On the other hand the other day you had to call Triple A for a lousy flat tire.”
Yeah, well I...” he started.
You can't even change a flat tire,” I interrupted. “Yet you are mocking people that can feed, clothe, shelter and generally take care of themselves.
Sometimes celebrities make fun of basic people. When they do that they are talking with their mouths full. Not too many big shot celebrities can take care of themselves like the Swamp People can. In fact the celebrities rely on the admiration of the little people to attaainand hold their status.
Back when I was in high school one of my teachers made a comment about how without an education I would wind up shoeing horses all my life.
I shot back that the guy that the horses that lived on MY street did quite well. I pointed out that he had a rather nice place to live and a fairly new car that would start.
It was a reference because the guy was a slob and his yard was trashy and a couple of days earlier several of us had to push his car to get it started.
It got me a detention from him and smirks from a couple of teachers that were my admirers.
Shortly after I licensed about 25 years ago I went back to the family manse for a visit and ran into him. He addressed me by my name. “It's CAPTAIN Piccolo,”
When he asked me if I had gotten into Mass Maritime I prouldly replied, “No. I'm a Hawsepiper.”
He shook his head.

I think he has passed on because I drove by his house a few years after that and it looked well tended for. Someone else probably lived there.

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