Sunday, April 23, 2017

President Trump went to Walter Reed and visited some of the wounded service people.

Of course the haters piled on as was to be expected. President Trump could save a group of newly born kittens from drowning and the haters would accuse him of contributing to the overpopulation of cats.

I think he ought to visit a little more often but keep it on the sly and not let anyone know he's doing it. Maybe make an effort to keep it a secret of sorts.

Of course two things will happen.

First word will get out among the GIs. That's a given. It will go through the entire miliary like a dose of salts.

The second thing is the media will discover it and make a big effort to 'catch' him red handed. You can bet your ass some reporter will get someone at Walter Reed to let him or her know when Trump shows. Hell, they can even intentionally leak it.

If they do that you can bet your boots it will be on CNN every time he visits Walter Reed...and probably in a good light.


I also found out that President Trump scheduled a rally in PA on the same day the White House Press Corps is having their annual dinner.

Good show!

Now about half of them won't be able to make the dinner because they'll have to go to Harrisburg to cover it.

Trump really is a master troller!

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