Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"The doctor botched the operation."

is the complaint of one of my neighbors.

That doctor didn't botch anything, he probably did a damnned good job.

Fact is, the patient didn't live up to his end of the deal. He skipped out on the therapy because it hurt.

Neighbor Bob had the very same operation by the very same doctor in the very same hospital and Neighbor Bob went through the painful therapy and is OK these days.

In fact, the doctor told Neighbor Bob that he recovered a lot faster than most simply because in addition to the therapy, Bob walked a lot and worked it out.

I remember the poor bastard getting up and walking very painfully for quite some time after the operation. It hurt like hell.

At first, he was having a very painful time walking to the bathroom. Then he walked to the edge of the yard and rturned a sweat covered dishrag. He started walking two doors up to my house and back, and that hurt like hell. He kept toughing it out.

Finally he got over it little by little and was walking aaround the block several times a day. Over a relativly short period he was back in the saddle again.

If the President of the United States had the same operation, he would have to go through the same therapy and it would take him months to get back in the groove. There's no difference in the pain and work to undergo therapy like that. Money, social or political position do not mean a damned thing under these circumstances.

You have to do the therapy or else you don't get better. It's part of the package.

If you don't hold up your end of the deal, you don't get better.

Nobody said life was easy. Parts of it can be pretty painful.

My neighbor had a shot at getting back in the saddle and he wasn't willing to tough it out and now he probably expects his neighbors to pitch in and take care of him, but it ain't gonna happen.

The doctor didn't botch the operation.

The patient did.

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