Friday, May 21, 2010

Neighbor Bob is a member of the K of C,

which is not Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is the Knights of Columbus.

Bob always refers to it as ‘the Knights of Columbus’ instead of K of C because when he does, some imbecile or smartass always asks him how Colonel Sanders is doing these days.

Some time back he was doing some kind of fund raiser for them and some smartass asked him who he was representing. Bob simply told him they were the Knights of Columbus.

“What about the Days of Columbus,” asked the smartass?

Bob amazes me every so often. He had a pretty good off the top of his head answer for the guy.

“When Columbus set sail in the Santa Maria, he had both the Knights of Columbus and the Days of Columbus on board. The Knights of Columbus were berthed astern and the Days were in the forecastle. The days of Columbus were wearing heavy armor which upset the trim of the boat, bringing the bow down so that in any kind of seas the propeller would come out of the water.”

“Needless to say, this effected fuel consumption. He tried to integrate the crew, but they insisted that Days and Knights were not to be mixed, lest the earth be plunged into a permanent twilight.”

“Columbus had to do something or he knew he would never make it to where he was going because of the increased fuel consumption, so he put the Days of Columbus ashore on a Caribbean island somewhere where the Days of Columbus spent the rest of their days.”

“All the Days of Columbus had to do from then on was hoot, holler, drink rum and chase the native poon.”

“The Knights of Columbus went on to serve.”

Not bad for off the top of his head.

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