Friday, May 14, 2010

Why is it that people think they are smarter than


It doesn't get better than that. It really doesn't.

Yet every so often some genius starts with a "Turn right here. I know a short cut."

With me I generally tell them to go and argue with Garmin or the Defense mapping agency, yet they will STILL insist that they can save time. When that happens sometimes I simply write the GPS's ETA down and take the directions they suggest.

Guess what?

Not one of them has ever beat the GPS's time, and I have found myself on a number of three hour tours. Yet these people will still they insist they are smarter than the computer.

Granted, there are various time of day when it is smart to avoid certain heavy traffic areas, but I don't care how long you were a delivery boy for Acme Roadrunner products, you are not as smart as a well programmed computer. Ain't gonna happen.

Today I went shopping for shingles and it was a day of people playing the age old game of trying to sell me what they want to sell me instead of what I want.
I went through a number of salespeople until I found one that actually has at the very least a half a brain. He tried to find me what I wanted.

When the manager came by, I looked at him and snapped, "Shitcan your entire sales crew except him and put him in as your new sales manager," pointing at the young man.

The manager went to open his mouth and I beat him to it. "Yeah, he's that good," I snapped."He understands the basic comcept of trying to find out what the customer wants and then tries to find the product."

I regretted it immediately, as management these days does not respect straightforward simplicity and honesty.

I'll bet you the poor bastard gets fired.

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