Friday, May 28, 2010

One of the things that irks me

is how every company seems to use some type of special piece of hardware that is made specially for their product.

Cell phone and laptop chargers are a pretty good example of this.

I am on my fifth cell phone now. The first three were the same model, which posed me no problems. Because I got a free AC charger with each one, life was good.

I could set up 2 at home and one on the boat by the time I was using the third unit of the phone of the same model.

Then things changed and nothing would do but I just had to get a camera phone to make things a little easier at work.

Of course, the chargers wouldn’t fit the new phone and this meant I was carting the same charger to work with me back and forth. It also meant I had to get a new car charger which was another fifteen scoots down the tube.

Shortly after that I found my pay as you go plan was costing me too much money. I went to a different plan.

So now instead of being able to change, say, the SIMS card I have to get yet another phone of a different model requiring yet another car charger and again fifteen scoots go down the sinkhole.

I wish that these guys would make it easy on someone and all use the same mini USB plug or at least agree on something because I’m getting pretty tired of it.

Of course, the phone I have now has what LOOKS like a mini USB plug on it, and I was delighted until I tried to plug the phone into my laptop to download a picture.


Would it fit? No way in hell. The company twinked with the plug so it wouldn’t fit and now I have to buy their special little proprietary cord, which I refuse to do. I suppose I could figure out a way to use the browser to send my pics to my email address, but it still galls me. It’s not a simple process anymore.

Now the National Administration for Space and Aeronautics doesn’t call me on a regular basis to do the math required for the landing path of the Space Shuttle, but I can certainly figure out that money is involved here. They do this simply to knick your wallet, which is par golf.

Everybody wants a piece of you.

One thing I have seen the aftermarket people do is market car chargers that have several different plugs that fit several different models of cell phones.

Now, when I bought the last charger, I actually SAVED the other little plug in ends and Lo and Behold!
I saved myself from having to cough up yet ANOTHER fifteen scoots because one of the ends actually fits the new phone.

I know this is a small victory, and probably a pyrrhic one, but I think it’s worth pouring myself a drink over.

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