Thursday, May 27, 2010

I recently read

where a group of people from California are going to Arizona to protest the recent illegal immigration law that was passed there.

Of course, they sound like a bunch of busybodies to me. They should stay home and put themselves to work trying to improve whatever it is in California that needs improving.

If Arizona and California took care of themselves instead of trying to tell each other what to do, I’m pretty sure both states would be better off.

One thing gets me, though. I was reading where someone is trying to organize a counter protest to burn the Mexican flag in front of the protesters.

This sounds plainly and simply like someone looking for trouble.

I know I would see red and lash out if I was witness to someone burning Old Glory in front of me.

Let’s do a little clear thinking of the situation here.

This is a pretty highly charged emotional issue.

When people are emotional, they do not think very straight and burning a Mexican flag at an illegal immigrant support rally is a sure-fire way to get a response, and I’d just bet the illegal immigrant supporters would not simply invite the flag burners over to join them in singing Kum-Ba-Yah.

More than likely, it would immediately be met with rocks, sticks and fists.

While being a part of a counter rally and burning the Mexican flag may sound exciting and cool, being in a riot is no fun at all.

I know. Being caught up in a riot is like being caught up in the middle of a 25 foot wave. About the only thing you can do is curl up into a ball, pray, ride it out, and hope to hell you simply survive. It’s pretty ugly. Uglier than one of those women you find at Wal-Mart.

Such a scene is pretty likely to make their side look like they are the instigators of trouble, and when you look at the bias of the media, there really is no way you are going to come out of a brawl like that with clean hands.

Personally, I think you’d get a lot more done if you’d simply show up at the appropriate representative’s office and spend some time talking to either the representative or their aide than you would getting caught up in a bottle throwing melee.

But that’s just me.

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