Thursday, July 8, 2010

By 0700 I had already settled a score.

0630, breakfast. The first bitetasted like cat food, which is another good reason of breaking the habit of scooping a fork out of the kitchen sink instead of out of the drawer like a civilized persom.

During an outside breaakfast, I noticed a car go past and toss a bag of trash out of the window and onto the street.

I walked out, scooped it up and went through it and found a name and address, rebagged it and went to the address and split the bag open and spread it nicely oll over their front law.

The kid driving must have stopped for a pack of smokes or something because when I was leaving, I saw the car approach the house.

I drove off and found a decent vantage point and got to watch his outrage.

There is nothing nicer to watch than the indignation of a person that has just gotten what he deserves.

It's a little past 0700 and I have already pissed someone off.

Pretty good start.

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  1. I've been reading for a while now.... But I swear - If we ever cross paths, drinks are on me.

  2. Double that.