Saturday, July 10, 2010

The gutters are now up and I

even got the security light to work, which is a big plus.

The old one must have gotten hit with a bunch of shingles during tear out. It was old and brittle anyway.

The only reason I mention the light is that a miracle among the order of loaves and fishes occurred; they still make the very same model.

I went to the same store I bought the old one at fifteen years ago and there was a direct replacement that entailed two wires and two screws and I was back in business.

Installation was simple.


I had expected to be faced with all sorts of new and improved product with computer chips, special batteries and God knows what else, but no! It was a plain and simple direct replacement and only cost me $16.95, which is a pretty good deal.

Maybe the guy that makes the damned security lights is a fellow admirer of the P-38 can opener. I'll bet he is because he just made something simple for me.

The project is now complete, and there is also the final finishing touch added.

The weathervane on the cupola now has an ornament on it, a sailboat.

The weathervane has been up for years and it came with the ornament optional. You could get a rooster, an eagle, a horse and buggy and a sailboat. I wanted the damned sailboat and over the years I have probably burned a couple of tankfuls of gas looking for it. Then I found that they don't make that decoration anymore.

Last trip to sea, I got on line and found someplace on line that had one for sale. I guess they must have found it while cleaning out the back room or something becaue when I got it, the packaging looked pretty old. For $12.95 delivered, I was a happy camper.

Anyway, everything from the gutters on up is now in decent shape and now maybe if something doesn't happen I can cool my jets and rest a little this summer.


Time to start getting the home unit squared away. The getting ready to go to sea checklist is out and I have to start cleaning up.

Or maybe I'll have a beer and work my ass off tomorrow. We'll see.

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