Saturday, July 31, 2010

I just found a place that will starch and press my

pickle suit.

Yup theere is a Chinese laundry nearby that actually does Old School starch jobs.

My pickle suit is, of course, my old set of army fatigues that I have and have just finished affixing the proper nametahs and patches to.

It wasn't actually issued to be back in the day, I had a friend snag it for me.

It should be carefully noted that it is the same size as the one originally issued to me and that it fits.

In a couple of days I will wear it to Camp Perry.

The younger guys that are in these days get a boot out of it when I break out my old uniform and wear if for them. When they find out that I can still wear it, they marvel.

Generally speaking, the cheap government cloth that they made uniforms tends to shrink when you leave it in the closet for many years. Ask almost any veteran.

They'll tell you that government cloth shrinks.

Mine did, but for some reason, after I stopped eating junk it stretched out again and fits me like a glove.

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