Monday, July 12, 2010

This is why I bought a MILSPEC laptop

I am at the airport waiting to fly out, and I am early.

I am going to try see what I can do about trying to post what it is like waiting at an airport.

I screwed up because I failed to charge the bttery properly;I grabbed the laptop at the last minute. Anyway, I have managed to find a 110 outlet and have set up shop in the gate.

We'll see what happens.

A flight from somewhere has come in and is deplaning as I write from my little improvised desk. The WiFi connection here is both free and FAST. I'm impressed.

Right now I really can't leave to do anything like grab a cup of coffee because I don't have a friend here to watch my trash and if I leave it, I'll get busted and Imay lose the 110 outlet if I fold up.

I feel the need to urinate coming on, so I guess I will fold up for a bit

I'm back and I was right. Someone snagged the 110 outlet and had 2 things plugged into it. I unplugged one and he started to bellyache. I looked at him thoughtfully and asked him if he liked to chew his food and he asked me what I meant by that.


The look I gave him made him decide to shut his mouth, which was the general idea.

I have no problem sharing, of course. The thing I do not care for is when someone else hogs the whole enchalada. Then he really irked me when he hooked his blackberry onto his laptop and charged it that way. He could have just done it that way and left the outlet free in the first place.

Being summer, the women seem to be dressed a lot nicer that they are in the winter, and there are more than one of them that are dressed nicely, which is easy on the eye.

I swung by the .mil courtesy lounge to see if I could try and meet up with a returning or departing GI, but the lounge was empty.

My cell went off and I hit the ignore button because I do not want to speak to the caller, mainly because the call will get personal and if I wanted parts of my personal life on display, I would have taken it to the Jerry Springer Show.

Electronics are pretty big here in the airport, it seems that close to half the people in this gate are using something electronic, mostly cell phones.

Another thing I see is that there are a lot more people using the fat lady carts than there were a few years back. It's a damned disgrace.

There is this interesting woman here that seems to be squared away and the PA system is constantly babbling out useless information.

Now in comes a true handicapped person in a wheelchair, meaning a bona fide handicap.

Some guy that looks like an old Ted Danson has just stuffed an empty coffee cup under his seat even though the trsh can is 10 feet away, the lazy bastard.

Now there is another meaningless garbled measage for someone that won't understand it because it sounds indecipherable.

Now some guy has asked to use the 110 service, but is a man with a plan. He has a splitter, and he's welcome to use it because he does have the splitter.

Guys like this are good to meet, they are the ones with the solution instead of being part of the problem.

I have to pee again, so I'll see what happens when I get back.

This is my first time trying to report on something via the combat laptop, and commments are welcome.

Gotta fold up again, plane is in and I'm off to Atlanta.

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