Sunday, July 4, 2010

A John Wayne night.

The Cowboys.

Pretty good.

My favorite is the 'The Shootist'.

The clash of newspeak and Old School. Greatest movie the Duke ever made.

Today I pulled a pretty good deadpan funny in Homeless Depot.

Some blonde Dolly Parton look alike was in line behind me.

As you know, I can be deadpan.

I asked her what whe was doing with a slight smirk, and she asked me what I had in mind.

I told her I was an old man and a widower and lived alone and liked it that way, but the damned matchmakers were trying to set me up with contestents from "the Wicked Witch of the West look-alike contest". I told her I had my grandsons sporty convertable and asked her if she'd ride around my neighborhood with me for a while and be seen with me to get the matchmakers off my back.The neighbors would naturally assue I had a girlfriend hallf my age.

She was pretty brassy in a good sort of way. She laughed outright and offerred me to perform this service if I would drive with her through her neighborhood, but I would have to dress like the CEO of Ford Motor Company, after all, she had an ex to deal with.

We laughed.

It's always a joy to meet someone that gets it.

Seems she had the same problem.

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