Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today at a store I do business with one of the women

there saw me and smiled.

She's funny, a real outgoing character and maybe people would call her a little brassy, but they're wrong. She's actually really classy in a special kind of way. She is one of those rare women that truly works well with men in a male enviornment. I'd just bet that she is one of those rare women that likes the 3 Stooges, which is rare in a woman.

"Hey, Pic," she asked. "when are we going for that ride in your Miata? I just got a great push-up bra, a really sexy scoop-necked top AND a Dolly Parton wig!"

I laughed. It was a reference to the time I asked her to go for a ride with me in a sexy outfit some time ago because I was tired of a certain matchmaker trying to fix me up. I figured that if the matchmaker saw me tooling around with some sex bomb half my age, she'd leave me alone and stop trying to hook me up with one of her cousins or co workers.

I have since explained to the matchmaker that even though I live seperately from my wife that I am still, in fact married and that's the way it is.

Matchmakers are a pain in the ass for the most part. This one was constantly trying to hook me up with the one that has had men problems, meaning she has been divorced eight times. Or the one whose life is starting to come around, meaning she is being released from rehab for the eleventh time.

Even if I was free and had no relationships, I would not touch anyone like that with a ten foot pole. The woman I saw today at the place I do business with knows this. She also knows that I would never embarrass Mrs Pic by being seen tooling around with a woman half my age. Still, we have fun teasing each other about it.

It would get the neighborhood tongues wagging, and we enjoy teasing each other. Then again, I would never embarrass Mrs Pic in such a way.

Still, it was fun talking trash with her.

Sometimes it's fun getting shot with a ball of your own $hit.

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