Monday, July 12, 2010

You will have to go back to my posts on 12 and 13 June

to understand what is going on.

I was having my coffee a couple of minutess ago and a cop drove by and stopped.

He politely asked me to remove the 'Mines' signs from my gardan, as the same idiot that I toyed with last month has complained several times.

Of course, I immediately complied.

I had forgotten I had even posted them.

A couple of days after the 12 June incident I saw a couple of 'Mines' signs kicking around the house, a leftover from an earlier piece of mischief and posted the in the garden when I finished weeding it.

Apparently it made the idiot nervous.

I told the cop that he ought to grab thee complainer and bring him down here to stand next to the EOD guys as they 'mine detected' my garden and toy with the jerk.

Picture the metal detector buzzing and the EOD tech calls the guy over to help him defuze some sort of a plastic training aid planted in the garden.

"Here. Hold this. Don't let go or you'll blow us all to Kingdon Come."

Then the EOD tech goes to the truck and pours himself a cup of coffee and makes the guy stay there with what he thinks is a live mine. There he is, shaking like a leaf, heart pounding, afraid to move or do anything as the EOD guy sits there swilling coffee.

The cop seemed amused.

He also thanked me for removing the signs, which is pretty normal for the policemen in this area. The copshere are pretty good with police/citizen relations. At least most of them are.

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