Friday, July 9, 2010

Yesterday's drive by trash dumping is not over.

When I was examining the trash and pulled out a handful of envelopes and such, I put them to one side.

Later, last night, I went through the envelopes.

I now have the guys Social Security number, his bank account number, his Mastercard number and expiration date.

I ought to go and try sell himm a paper shredder, but maybe I'll just destroy this information and use it as a reminder to be careful when I shred MY information.

Today: A day of gutters.

Later. Gutters are in, rain started. Made it, cleaned up as the first few drops hit. A good deal.

I called neighbor Bob's daughter and asked her is she had any time left on her throw away cell phone. She had about 40 munutes left.A throwaway is pretty much untracable unless you use it a lot and she only used it a couple of times.

I made a call to the guy that threw the trash out.

"Hello, Brian Wilkens? Social Security number 255 43 9865?

"Who is this?"

"Ray of Ray's Paper Shredder Sales. We're having a sale. By the way, get out your Mastercard.... Is it 4008 3456 0984 2847 with an expiration date or 09/13? You bank at PNC and have $10,354.11 in checking account number 237654986."

"Who the hell are you?"

"When I was driving down the street yesterday day at ten to six AM, I was behind a Nissan, PA number Y-27569."

"My car."

"Yup. Anyway, the driver threw out a bag of trash which I scooped up. I took the interesting stuff out and dumped the rest of it back on your lawn."

"I wasn't out that early."

"Someone in your family was."

"Why are you calling?"

"Just to give you a heads up. Littering is a serious offense in my neighborhood, but I did feel that I ought to let you know that later tonight, I am going to post all of the information I found in the trash on Craigslist. Next time you'll think twice about littering.

'I didn't litter."

"Got any kids that drive?"

"One son."

"Sucks to be you. Settle it with him. Keep an eye on Craigslist over the next couple of days."

Just living by my philosophy.

Best friend, worst enemy.

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