Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, the roof got off to a great start

I was up early, and of course, everything went straight to hell fast. The crew's 'English' driven van was towing a trailer and the trailler got a flat. They showed up late, at 1030.

Still, it was an attack of epic proportions. Four Dutchmen and an 'Englisman'started in like a crack team and by noon the old roofing was off and headed into the dumpster.

It was astonishing to watch.

There were a few things I had figured on doing myself to save a couple of bucks, but right after I started I found out that I was just getting in the way, so I pretty much steered clear.

One thing I noticed that stood above everything else; everyone was basically happy, which is great.

More later, as I am fried.

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