Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An airport dispatch

Which is interesting. Sometimes it is fun posting on the fly.

I got to the airport a couple hours early because I always get torn up pretty badly by TSA. This time it wasn't too bad, but as usual I got hit for special treatment. Still, I got through quickly and I'm a bit surprised. My baggage has a 2 meter ham rig in it and I figured I'd get torn up and have to explain it, but I didn't.

We're headed to Texas and there will be a long period where we are out of internet range for the next two weeks.

I'm going to have to see if there are little periods where we get the internet so I can post here and there, but I think it is going to be a no go situation for the most paet.

I forgot to charge my cell phone while I crossed the state of PA and now I sit in the airport with my laptop and cell charger plugged into the wall using the little splitter I have mentioned a couple of posts ago.

There is a family a couple of seats down as I sit at the gate anf the kids are sprawled out on the floor with coloring books and the little girl seems to be doing a pretty good job of coloring between the lines. The mother is feeding the babyright now letting an infant lick the chocolate off of a candy bar.

The crew is spread out waiting, too. Two are on the phone and one is getting something to eat.

I just wrote a lot more but AT&T internet just crammed their offer down my throat and BAM! I lost 90% of it and have had to reopen what I managed to salvage.

Airport connections suck.

Plan on me being off the board for the better part of a couple of weeks.

I'll do what I can to keep this blog posted daily but it's not going to happen with any regularity.

Would an ARFCOMMER please post a hot link to this post?

Thanks, Pic

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