Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last night I made my first CW QSO.

I made morse code contact last night with another ham!

It was a very slow process, I know for sure I send a damned sight better than I receive and I think I am going to start listening to CW for a little time each day.

I would imagine that if there are any hams reading this they would raise their eyebrows with the key I was using. It is the British military key that is issued with the PRC-320 because that is the rig I used.

The key is one of those field keys that straps to one's thigh.

I suppose someone out there is going to say I should haave used some sore of paddle or at least a stable desk key of such and such a type but it is what I have. I have a desk key on order, due any day now.

Generally speaking, just about any time I go into anything the experts tell me I am doing it all wrong and in a sense they are often probably right. Still, there are an awful lot of things I do differently for my own reasons.

Oftentimes you have to jump on an opportunity and that is what I did. I met a guy on 2 meters that is a CW guy and he offered me a chance to do a CW thing with him so I jumped on the opportinity.

I simply decided to go with what I have.

Generally in life you have to grab an opportunity and do just that. You go with what you got.

If I decided to wait until I could recieve 35 words a minute or wait until I had a good key or whatever I would still be waiting. I didn't wait.

I went for it and now I can say I have a CW contact under my belt. Not bad.

I'd also like to thank the other ham as blood donors like him are hard to find.

ANyway, I did it and I am a happy camper.

And I did it with the PRC-320 and the issue key. Pretty neat. I did it my way.

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  1. Congrats on your first CW contact!
    I like the fact that you used "original equipment!" You don't always need the latest "tacticool" stuff!

  2. Doing > saying I'll do it.... congrats brother


  3. The 320 key is better than a Russian Spetsnaz job. Its fair to decent, actually. Congrats on your contact from a bonafide CW fanatic. Email me if you need more practice and we can set up a sked sometime.

    You are no longer a baby ham!

    Philip Neidlinger KA4KOE