Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I was in the airport several hours ago and

wrote one hell of a good long post. I arrived there a couple of hours early because I always manage to get torn up pretty good by TSA. This time it wasn't too bad because I had time to play with.

I had expected to get torn up because I had quite a few odds and ends in my carry-on that are not usual things people carry on board. There is a 2 meter rig and a wire antenna package for one thing and a few other odds and ends.

I had about an hour and a half to burn so I sidled up next to the nearest electrical outlet and fired up the laptop and realized the cell phone was low so I broke out the triple splitter and shared the outlet with two other people. The triple splitter I wrote about a couple of days ago. It is a good thing to have.

I sat there describing the sights and sounds of the people at the gate waiting and commenting on the various people there. One of the women I saw there with a couple of kids had somewhat of a disappointed air about her.

I looked at here and tried to figure out what it was in her face that made he look so disappointed. She had a halfway decent sort of a husband that obviously was able to support her and the kids, but probably not in some manor.

Then it occurred to mme that she might have been one of those 'Daddy's little princess' types that expect a Prince Charming with a monster income.

I looked carefully at here and noticed that she really didn't seem to have a lot to offer and had an air that she deserved more. On the other hand she didn't seem to have a lot to offer, either. While she was dressed civilly as in no sweatpants and the rest of the 'People of WalMart type uniform she really didn't seem to put a whole lot into her appearance.

I looked at her and thought that while she probably didn't have as much as some women do, she still had something to work with and she could have been a whole lot more appealing with just a little effort. Obviously she wasn't putting out the effort to make herself attractive.

I've seen a few older pictures of Pamela Anderson taken with no makeup on and her hair not done clothed in sloppy jeans and she's really not all that attractive.

I looked around and there was another woman with a kid traveling with her husband and kid and she looked pretty content and fairly attractive. She was well dressed and seemed to have a satisfied air about her. Her husband seemed to be a regular guy that didn't appear to be rich, just another guy that worked in an office like the other woman's husband.

The difference is that she was putting her best foot forward and seemed to be grateful for what she had.

I mentally undressed the pair of them and from that point of view that probably had about the same to work with. I think the whole thing came down to attitude. The first woman probably could have been a whole lot more attractive is she had a different one.

The other thing I saw was at the shoeshine stand. I watched a couple guys get their shoes shined and it was interesting. One guy read the paper and the other guy held his knees and looked uncomfortable having someone else shine his shoes.

I suppose I would probably look the second guy if I was having my shoes shined. Shining shoes is one thing I would feel uncomfortable having someone else do. It must go back to the army as I grew comfortable spit shining jump boots. Shining shoes is one thing I like to do for myself for some reason.

I guess I'd make a lousy rich man.

At one point a couple of little kids were sprawled on the floor near my feet at the gate and the cutest little girl politely asked me if she could get by me. I scrunched back and moved my feet for her. For this I was treated to the cutest little thank you followed by a big smile. Because of that I looked carefully at the pretty little thing. I guess she was about 7 or 8.

She was lithe, graceful for her age and looked like she was could easily grow up to be a ballerina.

Many years ago I was asked to help out with a local production of the Wizard of Oz but couldn't because of work obligations but I got to see a rehearsal with a bunch of young little girls from a local ballet class playing the role of the Munchkins.

Most of the little tutus were droopy because the little girls were young and clumsy but there were a couple of them that just fluttered. This ittle girl in the airport would probably make a tutu flutter.

I saw the usual collection of fat people chowing down on grease and flour and the usual thin people opt for salads.

Of course I was with five other guys and we shared the same purpose. We were going to go to Texas to man a boat.

While some of the guys griped about having to hang out about an hour and a half before the flight left, I simply plugged in the laptop and started posting.

Like I said earlier I lost it when the airport ISP got wierd on me so I have just rewritten it, or at least some of it.

I might have another day I can post before I go out of internet range for a few days. We'll see.

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