Friday, January 13, 2012

Sometimes unlimited phone plans are not unlimited

One of the guys here was just telling me about how he got shafted by his cell phone provider.

Of course, this is nothing. A lot of the big companies simply try and roll over the ordinary guy every time they get a chance. We were out in the Gulf of Mexico a while back when he decided to call home. He picked up his cell phone and noticed he had a couple of bars on it so he called his wife. After a while the call dropped so when he saw he had more bars he called again for a total of three calls to the Philly area.

Bam! A $700 bill showed up even though he has an unlimited plan. The cell providers excuse?

"Oh, these are special towers set up on the oil rigs."

Now what part of the words "Unlimited plan" do these salespeople fail to understand?

Of course, when he called the cell provider, they told him that those were special towers that routed the calls through Mexico or something along these lines.

He wasn't calling Mexico, he was calling Philly. How the phone company wants to route calls is their headache.

Needless to say, there wasn't an operator or some mechanism to inform him he was opening a page from 'The Gouger's Handbook", they simply shafted him and permitted the call to go through.

I've been in the same places as he has and when I've seen bars on mine I've tried to see if I could call home and the call didn't go through because my cell plan is with Wally World and I suppose there is a code of some sorts that doesn't let my phone go through the cell towers they have on the oil rigs.

Because his phone is with the same company that services the rigs the company took him for a ride.

For one thing I do not plan on doing business with an outfit like that.

For anotther thing, although the WallyWorld plan doesn't have the most cutting edge technology as far as phones go, he is going to toss his phone and go to Wally World in a couple of months when his contract is over.

I want to hear what kind of offers his present phone service provider tries to butter him up with when he drops them.

I know how I would handle them. I would tell them to go back through my records and take careful note of the way they raped me from an oil rig tower and ask them if they consider that to be an honest business practice.

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