Friday, January 27, 2012

Yesterday I went to get gas

and I saw something pretty stupid which is nothing new. I see stupidity all the time.

The woman behind me had finished filling up and wanted to back up and go around me but she could not as the imbecile behind her was in big hurry to go nowhere and do nothing so he pulled in right behind her and crowded her so she couldn't back up. I noticed the guy behind HIM had left a reasonable distance so the idiot could back up and let the woman out.

I was fueling at the time and therefore couldn't move.

The woman got out of her car and explained to the idiot that he had to back up and he finally did.

Now the guy behind him must have been having an interesting day because he pulled right up behind the idiot, just about against his bumper, shut his car down and walked around him and up to me.

I looked at him and grinned. "I saw what you did," I said. "I suppose I'll just take my own sweet time."

He gave me a wicked grin. "Buy you a cup of coffee?" he asked.

"Certainly," I replied.

So we walked into the little quickie-mart and bought a cup of coffee.

A few minutes later the owner of the wedged in car came in looking for us and we told him we would move after we finished our coffee. He went livid!

The guy that had bought me the coffee smiled. "Don't like it when you get what you dished out, do you?"

The idiot threatened right then and there to call the police.

"Please do," I said. "That would be another stupid move."

"How's that," he said, angrily.

"Simple," I explained. "You call the police, and the pair of us leave. Then you leave. Then the police find nobody when they respond to the call and they track you down by your cell number and write you a summons for filing a false report."

"Why'dja tell him?" asked the guy that had bought me the coffee. "You ruined it. We could have gotten him to bust himself."

"Sorry," I grinned. I turned to the idiot. "We'll be finishing our coffee soon."

He went back to his car and sat there and did a slow burn. A minute or two I returned to my truck and drove off, freeing the idiot.

For some reason I think this was a waste of time because people like that are stupid and stupid people do not learn.

He'll do the same thing to someone elsr the next time he pulls up to the pump. You can't fix stupid.


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