Thursday, January 12, 2012

Right now I am hearing reports

of a group of US Marines urinating an three Taliban corpses.

First of all, my attitude is Big deal. So what?

What do the Taliban do to our guys?

Still, it is against Marine Corps core values which are designed to bring credit on the organization. I suppose the Marines should be given some sort of disciplinary action like get fined a dollar and told never to do it again in front of a camera.

If I was the officer responsible for bringing up charges I suppose I would probably charge the four of them with being stupid. You don't do something like that in front of a camera.

Then again, if I knew who was running the camera I would probably charge him for conduct unbecoming a Marine and make damned good and sure every I was dotted and every T was crossed to make the charges stick like glue on sticky stuff.

While I really do not care if the Marines decide to eat dead Taliban if that becomes the rage, they had better make damned good and sure that nobody catches them doing it because first of all there are a lot of liberal do-good whiners in the world that will do anything to ruin the reputation of the Marine Corps.

Of course, the Marines ought to have shown a little more common sense when they do something like this near a camera. They are making things a bit harder for the rest of the Corps because in addition to making the PR department jump up and defend the Corps, they also make life a little more difficult for their fellow Marines.

The other side takes incidents like this and spins them and uses them for recruiting purposes. That results in future casualties so maybe it is a good idea to disciline these Marines.

Still, it's a damned shame to have four Marines get into hot water over something as insignificant as this.

Then again on another website I frequent someone pointed out that at every bachelor party there is always some dip$shit with a cell phone camera. I mentioned this to a couple of guys and he told me that at a recent bachelor party the best part of the party was listening to the dip$hit moan and bellyache about his new expensive smart phone being snatched out of his hands and stuffed down a garbage disposal where it ground away until it jammed the disposal. It was then pulled out of the garbage disposal and by then it had already been pretty much destroyed.

I carefully explained to the crewman that the proper tool for the job is the chipper/shredder. If you are going to do something, do it right. He agreed.

Maybe future servicemen could take a cue from this guy and in the future they could make it clear to the mentally challenged that think that recording everything is a good idea that it isn't a good idea. A smashed camera and a few bruises generally ought to do the trick. If not, there is always the smashed camera followed by nine from the sky a couple of times.

The way I would handle this is that the 4 Marines would get some form of disciplinary action under Article 15, UCMJ. The cameraman would be publicly congratulated for doing such a fine job of bringing this terrible outrage to the attention of the American public. Maybe even give him a low grade medal of some sort.

About a month later after everything died down I'd catch the cameraman with his socks on the wrong feet or whatever I could find and nail his a$$ to the wall. A General Courts-martial sounds about right, followed by a Big Chicken Dinner.

While good Marines are not expected to urinate on the bodies of the animals that were trying to kill them a few minutes earlier, they are also expected to have their socks on the correct feet at all times.

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