Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year.

I see an exercise in frustration headed my way compliments of a Milwaulkee Sawzall.

Yesterday I needed a piece of pipe cut so I grabbed the Sawzall out of the box, plugged it in, lined it up and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

So I broke out a hacksaw and cut the pipe. Later I took the sawzall partly apart and wiggled a few things, looked and decided to take it to the shop. On a whim I plugged it back in again and it worked like a charm so I cancelled the idea of taking it to the shop.

Of course, this means I am most likely in for an exercise in futility when I need this tool next because it is now likely one of those things I am going to have to fiddle with when I want to use it. If I take the damned thing into the shop they are going to plug it in and it will work until I get it home and if I DON'T take it to the shop.

What I really ought to do is just throw the damned thing into the trash and cough up to buy another one but I am loathe to cough up $200 when the one I have now can be fixed. I suppose that as soon as the damned thing gets bad enough so I can take it to the shop and have it act up so the repairman will be able to fix it.

Until then I am going to wind up frustrated because there is little worse than an interruption during a job. An interruption just turns a job into an exercise in frustration because the entire rhythm of the job is ruined. It takes three or four times as long because when you return to it you have to get started asll over again.

Generally at sea I try and make sure there are no interruptions on a job so it can go from start to finish with no hitches. Of course it doesn't always work that way but I sure try. I do the same at home.


Later around lunchtime I am putting on a clean set of coveralls and packing a lunch to eat at the local hospital coffee shop. It ought to make for an interesting post tomorrow as the Igloo Playmate cooler I use as a lunch box has stickers on either side that say, "Human Organs. Do Not Eat"

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