Monday, January 9, 2012

Right now I am on 12 hour standby which is a drag.

My bag is packed, most of the stuff I generally secure is hidden away and it will only take a few minutes for me to scramble. When the cell goes off and cuts loose with the Tarzan yell I have in it I'll pick it up and see where I am headed.

This is not really a good time because you really can not relax.

The 2 meter rig is put away which I suppose is OK because there are no ISS overhrad passes coming up before I leave so that's not a big deal. Still, I am not living at home so much as I am camping in at my house.

There is a tenseness in the air that will go away instantly when the scramble order is given.

Still, at least I have my destination down to two fairly civilized places and that's OK. At least I have some idea where I am going to go.

Generally crew change is pretty much the same old same old and that in itself is a stable thing and this leads to another contradiction. I seem to do best in an unstable enviornment. On the other hand I really like to have stability by knowing when the instability is going to start.

Another part of my problem is that I am too often taken out of context. Often times people do not realize that sometimes a question is simply a question. I recently spoke with a coworker and asked him a question about something that I knew was still up in the air.

I saw that the person I had asked was a bit aggravated on the question and he said he was working on it and seemed to think I was pressing him for some sort of solid answer. I wasn't. I simply wanted to know if thisngs were still in a state of flux.

I have been around long enough to know that when things are instable that the people upstairs sometimes feel they are in the middle of a crunch and what I sometimes try to do is relieve a little of the pressure by not bugging them for details and answers. On the other hand I simply want to know if things are still in a upheaval.

A yes or no answer is all I want. Unfortunately some people interpret this as bugging them when I am not. Generally I am on their side and the reason I ask is so I can do whatever it is to stand by and help out. It took a while but my guys figured out that when I ask a simple question, all I want is a simple answer.

Anyway, in a couple of hours I will check in and see what is happening see what is going on.

Bet I get a simple answer.

He either will know what my destination is or he won't.

Either way I am packed and ready to go.

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