Thursday, January 5, 2012

A tip for travelers

If you do any traveling than one of these has a place in your carry-on bag.

Airports and other places are noted for having a limited number of AC outlets and if you need to plug in a laptop or charge a cell phone and happen to find both outlets of a wall socket taken you can generally solve the problem with one.

Once I had some clown hogging both of the outlets and when I held up the 3 way he stuffily told me that he was using both. I simply unplugged his cell charger, plugged his charger and my laptop into the orange adapter, put it in the outlet and turned to him.

"Quick fix," I said. Although the guy was a selfish jerk and gave me a dirty look he knew he couldn't say a whole lot. I fired up the laptop and was in business.

Generally when you hold one up as you approach the outlet people smile or nod because they realize you are not being part of the problem, but you are the person with a solution and most people respect that.

Stuff one in your carry on and sometimes you will be glad you did.

The orange one seems to be the best because you can often put 3 wall warts in it.

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