Sunday, January 29, 2012

I should have gotten up earlier

So we have an election coming and as ususal there isn't an even halfway decent candidate out there worth voting for. As usual, I will wind up voting AGAINST someone.

I do not want to see the Obama administration continue because I really believe the man is headed in the wrong direction. I believed it when he ran for office and I believe it now.

It looks like I will be forced to make a decision I do not want to make and it is ugly.

I have to choose between Obama or some unsavory Republican.

Looks like one big $hit sandwich coming up and I am just going to have to take a bite.


I had to go over to Ohio yesterday and I wish I had arrived at my destination about 20 minutes earlier as the person I was doing business with told me a pretty good one that had just happened a few minutes earlier in the store.

Apparently someone was running on with how enamored he was with the Obama administration and this other guy disagreed. The Obamaite decided to play the race card and started calling the disagreer a racist of some sort.

The disagreer dryly started in on how he really didn't want to become a Klan member but said he was forced to join by his wife.

The disagreers wife was within earshot and was smart enough to let thigs start to boil a bit before she came over to her husband.

"We have to hurry up,"she said to her husband."Or else you are going to be late for your Klan meeting."

The woman was black.

As somewhat of a stirrer-upper myself, I would have walked five miles to have seen that one happen.

There is nothing in this world so soul satisfying as seeing someone get what he has coming.

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