Saturday, January 21, 2012

early post. Caught another hole in the wall of silence

I got the last post off because we passed by a little chunk of land that had cell coverage. This is an early one because I passed through another hole and this will likely be the last post for a few more days.

I'm sorry for the long posts but I have a little spare time to put into things so I do and when you get several days worth it makes for a long read. Oh, well another day in the life of a swashbuckling sailor.

Everyone is up now because for no reason I can figure but nobody can seem to sleep.

When the off-watch people come on watch they will most likely be cranky and that means I will sit down somewhere out of the way and shut up.

I read where some news editor somewhere made a comment wondering why the Mossad has not whacked the POTUS which is a stupid thing to say. The Mossad may not want the present POTUS we have and I do not blame them if I were in their shoes but the Mossad is in no way stupid enough to whack the POTUS.

I don't want the present POTUS whacked, either. I just want him to go away.

The whole article that was written was little more than stupidity at its zenith.

For what it is worth the President is not the Lone Ranger. He's simply another person on a growing list that I wish would go away. Come to think of it I wish almost all of the people either in office oor running for office would go away.

One interesting thing I saw today. It seems like Ron Paul has a pretty good sized following of young people and that is a good thing. My main beef with Ron Paul is that he is simply unelectable. Much of what he has to say makes pretty good sense. If he were running against the current president I would certainly vote for him.

Instead he keeps on keeping on and the thought of him running on a third party ticket scares the hell out of me because his fan base will wind up splitting the ticket and we're stuck for another 4 years with Obama.

Four more years of hard times, excessive taxation, an unbalanced budget and plain hard times. What scares me is the legacy of it because right now there are too damned many people on the government tit and when it gets over 50% you can bet your boots we will be in a situation that the only way we can reseal the treasury doors is with copious amounts of blood.


I just had one of those rare mements that make life out here fun.

Picture 4 guys eating at the galley table and in the background the TV is on but muted. On the tube is one of those History Channel 'Extreme Marksman' programs. We've all seen the program before.

One of the guys takes the lead and becomes the imaginary announcer as a group if GIs are preparing a cannon.

"The shot," He announces. "Cub Scout Jimmy Jones has offered to put an apple on the top of his head at the range of nine miles. We're going to clip it off of his head and not even knock a hair out of place with a 105 HE round!"

I add, "Don't try this at home! These people are trained professionals!"

"Dammit! I was going to borrow the cannon from in front of the VFW and borrow the kid down the street," gripes the third guy. "Guess I can't do that."

While things like this happen rarely they are generally memorable.

Several years ago I once watched a tug crew watch the entire 'Wizard of Oz' and where they didn't know the lines they ad libbed. It was hilarious.(I was invited to stay. I played the Cowardly Lion.)

While we are on the subject I used to love to watch a guy I sailed with watch a western. He'd really get into it. His finger would become a 6-gun and his other hand would hold the reins and his entire body would start gallopping during the chase scenes and he' say, "Git 'em! Git 'em! Git the sumbitch!" The old Roy Rogers and Gene Autry oaters were the best ones as they had a lot of horse chases.

He was older than I am now back 15 years ago when I worked with him and he'd most likely dead but I still miss watching him watch a western.


Code just blew me away. I tried a string and forgot everything and I figure it is now back to square one. Ouch! It feels like a week's worth of work up in smoke but I figure it is just a major dip in the learning curve and maybe with a little more practice on my basics it'll pick up again.

This is frustrating!


For what it's worth the blog may contain a lot of my victories but I am not afraid to show my losses either.


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