Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am watching a new generation coming along

and as the generation is losing their milk teththe tooth fairy arrives and my neice mentioned it.

I guess teeth are now worth a buck or two becaause of inflation. Mine paid a dime.

Anyway I commented that I am the kkind of evil person that would sneak in and put a $!00 bill under the kids pillow and slip off into the night to leave my neice wondering what to do when the next tooth comes out as like most young people raising families they really can't afford that.

When I told my neice that I wish I was there so I could do that to her, she commented,"You would!"

I did it to her when she was a baby and lost her milk teeth. I didn't get away with it because mmy kid sister (her mom) grew up with me and knew my MO.

Sis simply reached under the pillow and fished the Franklin out and replaced it with a buck and then came out and gave me hell for it.

We do not take prisoners in the Piccolo tribe.

That is the same neice I introduced as my young wife a couple of years back

Having me in the family can either be misery of a lot of fun, and it all depends on your outlook.

I am going out of internet range bust will play catchup.

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