Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't look for racism to go away in the near future.

There is just plain and simply too much money in it.

Fat Al Sharpton needs it as his bread and butter and so do people like David Duke. Jesse Jackson is pretty well paid to run the Rainbow Coalition and the SPLC and NAACP would go under if racism disappeared.

This, of course, is chump change compared to what the media makes on this. Every race problem that comes up is yet more money in the bank if they can spin it and turn it into some sort of circus and sell advertising.

Right now with the Treyvor Martin shooting and George Zimmerman not being charged issue going on the news is busy as hell sensationalizing things to insure that they draw viewers so the advertisers will be willing to pay for air time.

With any luck maybe they can spin the incident into a full blown riot and make more advertising money yet.

With the economy the way it is I do not see racism disappearing very soon. It is going to take nothing less than zero unemployment and everybody too busy working to make that happen.

The part I find most interesting of all is that there are an awful lot of followers of Duke, Sharpton and the like that profess to have an in for corporate America and profess to hate rich white guys in suits. Yet they keep up promoting racism and keeping the media giants in events that they can sensationalize. Not only that, these ringleaders encourage the media to do sensationalize their doings and events.

I don't think that you are going see the ugly head of racism disappear soon because as soon as it does there are going to be a number of people out of work. Good jobs like 'professional instigator' are hard to come by in this economy.

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