Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Piccolo's take on hate crimes


With the events unfolding in Florida and the possibility of President Obama getting the justice department involved to thump Mr. Zimmerman I might as well run my keyboard again. This time I will speak a little about hate crimes.

For one thing the prosecution will not accept me as a juror because there is simply no way in hell I will convict anyone that is smart enough not to admit guilt of a hate crime bacause without a confession from the defendant there is no way the charge can be proven.

I can not read what is in a man's heart. I have no way of knowing what motived someone to do something. Unless someone actually tells me what he is thinking I can not read a person's mind.

About the only way I can see getting an honest conviction for a hate crime is to have a jury of 12 psychics.

I would pay good money to see the DA interviewing potential jurors to make sure they are truly psychic.

"Yes, I can read minds. Right now you are not paying total concentration on this case because you are wondering if your wife is going to notice the bill on your MasterCard for the motel you were in yesterday afternoon screwing your baby sitter. You are also terrified to have it come out that the girl was only seventeen years old."

The potential juror turns to the judge. "Your Honor, right now you are trying to figure out how to get rid of the water on the pitcher you have on the bench and replace it with the vodka that you generally keep in it."

He turns to the court stenographer. "You don't need to wear the little black dress out on your date tonight. You're just going to dump him, anyway."

I suppose that I would accept this person as a juror in a hate crime case.

But I ain't no psychic. I am ineligible to serve in a hate crime case.

There is also another thing I just happen to have noticed about hate crime legislation and that is the law does not seem to be fairly applied.

I have not seen a whole lot of minorities charged with a hate crime.

Why is that? There are certainly haters out there that are minorities, yet it seems that just about everyone that has been charged with a hate crime seems to be a white male.

White males do not have a monopoly on hate. There are an awful lot of other people of various other races that hate, yet none of them seem to be carted off and charged under these laws for some particular reason. I would like to know why.

I don't see, for example, any of the Black Panthers being carted off and charged. They seem to simply be left alone to intimidate voters and continue to spread their brand of hate. Word has it that they have just posted a $10,000 contract on Geroge Zimmerman's head. That in itself is conspiracy to commit murder.

Why have none of these thugs been charged?

These so-called hate laws ought to be stricken from the books.

First of all they are truly unenforceable. You can not know what is in a man's heart.

Secondly they are being used selectively and not applied fairly across the board. They do not appear to apply to minorities.

Actually I think that these laws do little more than foster the very hate that they were designed to quash.

If that is the case, maybe they ought to simply be repealed.

If someone commits a crime, let him stand trial for it. The reason he committed the crime really makes no difference. A crime is a crime is a crime. Pay for it. It is as easy as that.

Incidentally, I have to give credit where credit is due. I have been no fan of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but they have just truly amazed me. I have just found out that they consider the New Black Panther party to be racist and anti Semetic. Will wonders ever cease?

Then again, if I am not mistaken, a number of SPLC lawyers are Jewish so that very well may explain it.

Good news. I fixed my cell phone which has been driving me nuts. The volume was too low and I could not hear from it very well. After 3 weeks of frustration I found out the volume control was turned down. I must have whapped it somehow.

This proves that thing do work a whole lot better when you plug them in.
Two wrongs clearly do not make a right. Sometimes three or four do. Hell, in some cases it may even take a dozen or even more.

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