Monday, March 12, 2012

I now have 47 followers which is somewhat surprising

because it tells me that either there are 47 people in the world that want to read the grumblings of a 60 year old sailor or there are 47 people out there that are bored to tears and need something to do.

Either way it's pretty interesting realizing that 47 people are interested in what I have to say.

I suppose it is supposed to give me a big ego and I am expected to self-destruct and write something wierd...or at least wierder than some of my posts but I see no reason to.

If the blog has 47 followers or 47 million or none at all the show will still go on. I do this for my own sanity which has been only holding by a thread since Day One.

I got into hot water a fewe days ago with the eBay folks. Someone does not have a sense of humor.

I sent a question to someone selling a cattle prod asking them if they thought the cattle prod would be a good tool to use to get my grandchildren to eat their vegetables.

The seller emailed me back with "How could you even THINK of such a thing?"

"You don't know my grandchildren," I replied.

As I write this it occurs to me that I am somewhat surprised that in this age where spanking a kid is grounds for a trip to court that people DON'T use a cattle prod on a recaltricent kid. After all, they do not leave an incriminating mark.

I remember that time I got a pretty good poke from something electrical I was tinkering with as a kid. My father laughed when he saw I wasn't hurt and simply asked me if I had learned anything from the experience.

Today some parent would make a big to-do and blame the manufacturer for making a faulty product even though their kid had taken it apart when it was plugged in.

Incidentally I did learn from the poke I got as a kid. It made me a lot more careful in dealing with electricity. I learned to check things a little more carefully.

Then again I suppose I ought to be a little more caareful about dealing with sellers on eBay and asking them if cattle prods are good for dealing with wayward children because one of these days someone is going to get all worked up and raise some kind of hell with me.

Then again maybe dealing with some idiot that DOES get all worked up over nothing would make pretty good copy for this little blog.

Truth is being careful about stuff like that really isn't any fun.

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  1. Did you get the cattle prod, or not?