Saturday, March 10, 2012

The weather has still been pretty good

but I am still wary because I have not felt the feeling of spring in the air yet.
Still, I have emptied out the nests out of my birdhouses and started to plan things for spring. I think I am going to plant another garden this year because it was fun.

It is fun listening to the neighbors get a hoot out of seeing a mean old salt out there gardening and the truth is that last spring and summer I had the prettiest garden on the entire street and the street I live on is pretty long.

It sure impressed the neighbors. The woman across the street told me that there were a lot of tongues wagging over the garden I grew last year.

There were a lot of people that seemed to have bad luck with theirs but mine took off like a shot and really went to town.
I'm glad I spent my 60th summer working on bird houses and flowers.
I won't go section 8 on the bird houses again this year, though.

However, I will rent one of them out to one of last year's tenants. She's the little chickadee that was in school working on her RN. I hear she got it and is working at the bird hospital and getting on her feet.
She's trying and I figure I'll give her a good deal on the place she had last year.

The rest of last year's section 8 tenents can go somewhere else. I spent an awful lot of time cleaning up after those pigs. I got tired of the cops showing up all the time, the noise and all the dreadful stuff that went with it.

There was a lot of work to a few of them. They got torn up pretty bad. The ones where the tenants were dealing drugs were probably the worst and I've had to bury a few birds that were victims of drug related crime.

Last seasons marigolds I left in the ground until well after Thanksgiving and they all appear to have reseeded on their own but I'm not too sure they are not of the variety that are sterile so I really do not know what I am going to do yet.

If they are not sterile and even 1 in 500 sprouts I am going to have a serious jungle on my hands. Those marigolds sure put out an awful lot of seeds.

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