Friday, March 23, 2012

There are a number of groups fighting

over the proposals in a number of places regarding proposed requirement to show an ID before you can vote.

I have to show an ID when I vote and I suppose that is to cut down ov voter fraud. In other places I guess they just take your word on who you are and they are proposing that you show an ID of some sort before you are handed a ballot.

Of course there are a couple of groups that are up in arms over the requirement and I certainly wonder why someone would be against something that would insure that an election is on the up and up.

Now these groups are going to try and tell everyone that requiring a person to show a form of ID is unfair to women and minorities and so on, but I really do not think it is all that difficult for a woman or minority or other so-called oppressed person th get some sort of an ID.
Unless they have had it taken away from them, virtually every adult in the country has a driver's license.

Of course, there are a small handful of people that do not because either they have had it suspended or they have opted not to drive and use public transportation. Still, most states have cleverly anticipated that there would be a handful of people in this category and they have made it possible to get a state sponsored picture ID in most cases cheaper than it costs to get a driver's license.

There is really no reason whatsoever that aq person that wants to vote cannot get themselves some sort of a government sponsered ID card.

I would sure like to dig into the groups and see whay they are so adamant about making sure that producing identification to vote should not be legal.

It kind of makes a person wonder if maybe these groups are not all on the up and up.

Perhaps they have taken place in some sort of voter fraud and are now upset that it will now bw just a little harder to insure that our elections are fair and open.

I really don't think that these groups really give a damn about minorities getting to vote so much as they are in making damned good and well that their little group of peopleget in there to vote early and vote often.

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  1. You should have to show ID to vote. Anyone that would argue against that is a moron.

  2. Actually they are probably NOT morons. Most likely they are out and out dishonest.