Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maybe I will have my pitcher taken outside the liberry

There are a couple of QSL bureaus out there that can be used to confirm contacts. The two that come to mind are and LoTW. The latter is the one run by the American Radio Relay League, an organization of which I am not going to become a member until I have my eggs in one basket and can put in for my WAS certificate.

While the ARRL is the basic national organization for hams in the same way the NRA is the basic national organization for gun owners, they have an odd way of setting up their QSL bureau. It requires me to download their program and for an old goat like me it is a confusing set of hoops to jump through.

eQSL is a whole lot simpler, you simply log in and go at it. To have your credentials guarenteed all you have to do is send in a request for a post card or shoot them a copy of your license. It's a whole lot easier.

While I am still awaiting about 8 or 9 paper QSLs to come in and verify things. I will likely have to rework a couple of states but I am not going to join the ARRL until I can join and immediately apply for my WAS certificate. If the ARRL makes it difficult for me I will simply take 50 paper QSL cards to Kinkos/Staples/Office Max and have them made into a colorful poster and that will serve as proof as far as I am concerned.

After all, like a lot of things I am only doing this for myself. I really don't need someone else to approve of a whole lot of the things that I do.

There is another thing I am going to do pretty soon and that is make a picture to send to the people that run the Moose and Squirrel net.

The Moose and Squirrel net is a bit odd because most of their stuff is done on upper side band and most ham radio stuff 40 meters and below is done on lower side band. The reason for this is that the net is dedicated to Cold War era rigs and the PRC-320 sure is that.

They chose the cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle to name the net after and of course, the evil communist spies Boris Badinoff and Natasha as the imaginary forces of evil.

Time to break out the old army uniform and play a little dress up. It'll be a fun picture and I might post it here. Stick around. Props like the Jameson's bottle, the M-14 and a set of dentures atop the radio ought to make for a pretty good shot.

After the weather breaks a bit more I'll get on this.

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  1. The ARRL is rather quirky about some things. I'm taking a hiatus for awhile. The LOTW thingy is way too complicated. I have all the credentials to set it up, but basically its not worth my time and effort. I don't actively seek QSLs. I have a box of some printed up to return cards I receive.


  2. The problem with the ARRL and LoTW is they equate complicated with secure.