Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, down in Florida it looks like

there is probably no way in hell Mr. Zimmerman, the shooter that shot Treyvon Martin is going to be able to get a fair trial. The very people that are screaming for his blood have seen to that.

If that's the case he should walk and the very people that want to see him hang are the ones responsible.

Right now I am getting pretty fed up with people that want to try someone by mob rule. It is not the Al Sharpton's job to try George Zimmerman. It is not Louie Farrakhan's job to try George Zimmerman and it sure in hell isn't tbe job of the Black Panther party to try George Zimmerman by putting a $10,000 contract on Zimmerman's head. (This reward is thinly disguised as a bounty for his apprehension but it sure sounds like a contract to me.)

Remarks made by President Obama and Rick Santorum do not help, either. Believe it or not Jesse Jackson has managed to keep his nose out of this so far. Good for him.

Trying George Zimmerman is the job of the Florida legal system. That is why we have it.

This is clearly not the America that I invisioned as a kid when I helped collect quarters to support the Freedom riders that fought to insure that Blacks could be allowed to vote in the sixties.

I'd bet you right now that Dr. Martin Luther King, jr is spinning in his grave.

This is not the America he invisioned, either.

The America I invisioned as a kid was one where all people of all races, colors, and creeds couple meet each other as equals in places like the hardware store, the furniture store and the corner produce stand and make our purchases, greeting one another with warmth. We would help each other out with suggestions as to which pillow would be appropriate, or what brand of roofing tar is suitable for use.

Red, white, black and yellow, united Americans working together as one people.

We would help each other by pointing out the qualities of the various items of produce on sale and which is the best bargain.

And then we would, all of us, join hands as we took our purchases down to the town square and upon arrival at the town square, All American meeting house, we would take our produce from the bags and throw it at the hatemongers giving their speech there and then take out the roofing tar and pillows and as a united people and an American community we would then as one tar and feather the bastards like Sharpton and David Duke and run them out of town on a rail.

Then we see about getting Mr. Zimmerman a fair hearing.

Al Sharpton's mom died and he was too busy stirring up the pot down in Florida.

You only have one mother, but there are quite a bunch of pots that can be stirred up.

We now know where the man's priorities are, now, don't we?

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