Saturday, March 24, 2012

President Obama just jumped

on the band wagon and started running his mouth on the death of Trayvon Martin down in Florida the other day and has possibly now dragged the justice department into it to insure that the shooter, George Zimmerman, gets hanged.

If the state of Florida decided that Zimmerman is not guilty of murder and they release him it is certain that the feds will jump in and attempt to try him on some other trumped up semi-related charge and see to it he is convicted.

I often wonder about the mechanism that is used by the feds to meddle into the business of a state. The case here is nothing more or nothing less than a state level beef that is to be settled by the courts of the State of Florida. The federal justice department has no business getting involved.

If you ask me, over the years the feds have jumped in on a bunch of high profile cases simply because they are high profile and the politicos want to look good.

The entire affair is nothing more or less than a state level that would have been quietly handled if the case didn't cross racial lines and give Brother Al Sharpton a reason to stir up more trouble and keep the hate pot heated up and insure that he will stay fat and rich. But the case jumped racial lines and gave Brother Al and Calypso Louie a chance to add more fire to the hate and insure they will not be out of a job.

Because Brother Al and the NAACP have jumped into things and turned a simple state case into a major racial incident there is going to be hell to pay and it doesn't really look like Zimmerman is going to get a truly fair trial.

Fair is fair and I have never seen Al or the NAACP make any effort to police their own ranks. A young black man murdered an 85 year old woman and beat up a 90 year old man pretty badly, yet I have heard nobody mention that. It won't be prosecuted as a hate crime, either. The thinnest book in the library is the list of minorities convicted of hate crimes.

I am not sticking up for Zimmerman whatsoever. From what I have been able to tell it has the makings of a bad shoot so far. Then again I get the feeling that the liberal media is not telling us the full truth. Other sources have reported that Martin very well may have assaulted Zimmerman. This possibly may turn up to be a case of justified homicide. That is for the Floridia legal system to decide.

It is not for Al Sharpton to decide, nor Louis Farrakhan nor Barak Obama. It is for the Florida legal system to decide.

The incident is not for the president to get involved in and send the justice department in for political gain. It is not an excuse for Calypso Louie and Brother Al to whip angry mobs up.

Frankly I am disgusted that President Obama has gotten involved in this at all. It is obvious that the only reason he did run his mouth over this is for personal political gain. Using the death of someone for that reason is disgusting.

This is simply a case for the legal system of the State of Florida to decide under state law.

After I wrote this I noticed that Rick Santorum jumped in there and wants Zimmerman jailed. I bet Santorum doesn't have all the facts and is just pandering for votes. It was yet ANOTHER stupid comment on his part, but these days stupid Santorum comments seem to be occurring every time he opens his mouth.

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