Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ya gotta love hams.

Since I have mentioned being stonewalled in my attempt to get a Rhode Island QSO and complete my Worked All States' project I have gotten three emails from various hams with what will probably end up being pretty good leads.

The best offer was from a Massachusetts ham offering to put a portable rig in the back seat of his car and drive to a rest area over the border and set up to give me a QSO from Rhode Island.

I can picture myself explaining that QSL card to the ARRL guy that is going to have to go through all of my cards. It would be a Massachusetts card with a note on the back that the man was operating portable in Rhode Island. I can see the raised eyebrows over that one.

The other night on one of the nets I frequent I made the comment that I'd give someone from a neighboring state ten bucks for gas if they would go portable and drive across the border. Net control must have been preoccupied with running the net because I detected a little WTF in his voice but I think the six other guys that are also looking for RI probably grinned.

Incidentally, while I have worked 49 states so far only 40 are confirmed with QSL cards. I think I am going to have to rework these different states until I can get a QSL card from the state before I take them to the ARRL guy to have it confirmed and collect my certificate.

In other news I got my truck back yesterday. Apparently the part was air freighted which it should have been under the circumstances. I didn't have to pay a cent for the job and I looked at the paperwork and about died when I found out what it would have cost me.

About a grand! They did have to replace the pads on both sides and they did have to resurface the rotor and replace a caliper but holy Moses! That's a lot of money for a caliper replacement.

Oh, yeah. They also did the gas pedal modification that Toyota ordered after the idiot with the loose floor mat got it jammed in the gas and had a runaway truck.

Here's one for you.

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