Thursday, May 31, 2012

One of the things that makes me pretty damned happy

 is that I am sixty years old and come from short lived stock and with any luck at all I won't be around when this nation truely implodes.

For the past sixty years I have tried to use our freedoms and enjoy them and I have. The other thing I have tried to do with a marked degree of success is to try and pass this way of life on.
Guess what? It ain't gonna happpen.

We're leaving our children and grandchildren so hopelessly mired in debt that there is no way in hell they are going to be able to enjoy half as much of this way of life that I have because my generation of idiots has seen to give it all away in the form of foriegn aid, welfare and God only knows how many entitlement programs.

They have raided the one and only program that was successful and that is Social Security but even that would have eventually collapsed.

A lot of my generation right now tells me how much they enjoy bouncing their grandkids on their knee and I have some advice for them. Enjoy it now because when they get older and have to start paying for this folly they are going to realize that what they are doing is busting their asses to pay the bills that we as a generation have left them.

Bounce your grandchildren on your knee and enjoy their love while you can because it will not be long before the love turns to hate.

When they figure out that we have had a life of Riley at their expense then you had better hope you have had the foresight to either have been creamated or buried at sea because they are pretty likely to go hunt your grave down and piss on it. I don't blame them. I would.

Over the past couple years I have contemplated retirement but I don't see that coming because I'm thinking some corporate thief will find yet another way to collapse my 401k and empty that out and leave me a starving old man. I have little faith in government programs anymore. I doubt Social Security is going to last.

I have tried to explain for years that unlike government drunken sailors stop spending money when they run out of it, yet nobody seems to listen. Instead they generally counter with some bright idea or another of how they can tap yet MORE money out of a government that simply does not have any.

We've spent a hideous amount of money on backwash countries only to have our money pad the pockets of corrupt leaders and warlords. We've also spent a bundle in this country reenforcing failure and propping up failure when we should be reenforcing success. Our welfare programs have mostly been failures that have simply kept bellys full instead of giving them a bellyful of welfare and motivating the recipients to get off of it.

I see an awful lot of morbidly obese people paying for a lot better food than I can generally afford using EBT cards. For years the Big

Government people told me that it was because the poor can't afford anything but inexpensive carbs but I'm no fool. I see what is going on in front of me. Fact is, a lot of the poor so-called spend their EBT cards on things I cant regularly afford like shrimp and steak. The reason they are so damned fat is because they spend the rest of junk. I see it every time I shop outside of the burbs and often in the suburbs.

Gray power is working it's way and it is pretty likely that they are going to have a lot of greed and political clout and will dip even deeper into the already empty well and try and make their lives easier at the expense of their grandchildren. The AARP, a liberal organization that does not really appear to me to have anyone in their membership that knows how to count, is growing in size and they will start demanding yet more resources that will have to be paid for by their grandchildren.

I have tried to take little from the system and leave more behind for the next generation but I don't see it happening. Many of my peers did not learn how to count and a lot of those that did really are not thinking of anyone but themselves.

All I know is that with any luck I will not be alive to see the implosion. Thank God for that.

Because I am being buried at sea I have already written a letter, two actually, to the captain of the ship that gets assigned my burial detail. One of the letters is to be handed the Chief Petty Officers of the boat-the go-to guys- instructing them to try and figure out a way to make my casket land in Davy Jones Locker face down so as to make it easier for the people that made this mess to kiss my ass.

This post is dedicated to my neices and nephews on the off chance that after I am dead and gone and they are working their asses off to clean this mess my generation has made up that they will read it.

At least they will know that their Uncle Piccolo tried to leave them in a lot better shape than they are in when they are paying the bills incurred by my generation.

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  1. The last 3 paragraphs are classic.


  2. Your a good fellow Picc, but I'd wager your giving too much credit to this country by thinking it'l outlast you.

    Unfortunately, I'm 24 & won't get that priviledge. :(

  3. you let out all the money and lives we have wasted since the end of WWII being the policeman of the world and all-around corporate profit enforcer