Monday, July 2, 2012

And so for another day I face the keyboard

Yesterday I started tearing down the shed which really wasn't much of a shed.

Back about 1980ish Mrs Pic bought a pickup and had a camper shell put on it and after the truck was scrapped she kept the camper shell and to put it to use I built a frame and boxed it in. On top of it I placed the camper shell and it became sort of an odd little shed.

Last month a tree limb hit the rook of it and pretty much took it out of commission and I am trying to carefully take it apart so as to salvage a few items for the shed that I will put up to replace it.

Truth is it was sort of ab eyesore but I kept it because it reminded Mrs Pic of her younger more adventurous days.

Kitty seems to trust me but is still very wary about coming out into the daylight for some reason. He will not eat or use the litterbox by daylight. Come morning I have to scoop the litterbox and refill his dishes and both will remain untouched for the whole day. It's odd after the past couple of kitties that used to wander around all day with no rhyme or reason.

Come dusk the little guy gets vocal and animated and playful. I think the little guys trusts me and I am not surprised. All it takes is patience and kindness.

It's hard to sleep because he is so damned playful and is always rubbing my hand with his head and I give him a few pets and he is placated for a couple of minutes.

He seems to like sitting on the window ledge after dark and looking out the window when he is not running all over hell chasing things that do not exist and keeping me up all night with the pitter patter of little feet.

It is good to hear that again but I fear that most of my other cats were mature animals and this little guy is about a year old and is stuffed with tons of kinetic energy and is going to be a handful for a while.

Tokie was a stray and so was Blacks. Both were mature cats.

It'll take time but this little guy ought to settle down and become a pretty good house cat. I have to give him confidence in the daylight and we'll see how that happens.

I have settled back into the routine of life on the beach and the first thing I did was click on the coffee and while it was brewing I clicked on the big set and checked in on some Florida net but I think the balled up my call sign.

At 1200Z (0800 local) I checked in with Jda on the Young Lady's net. Jda's signal from Texas was weak and the band is in terrible shape today. Jda asked me to field the area for check-ins and there were none, but Nancy in ND came in halfway decently. She told me she had to turn her beam my way as she has a beam antenna and likely a linear amp.

I'm running a simple end fed wire running into an AH-4 tuner and down to a simple entry level 100 watt set. While not as primitive as my portable military rig, it isn't as powerful as the rigs the YLs are running so I suppose I am doing OK considering that right now the 20 meter band isn't in all that good of shape.

I have to finish up on the camper project and install a door closer on the basement door because I have been without a cat for over a year and have lost my cat discipline and can't afford to make a mistake.

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