Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well, I have not been home 12 hours now, and that includes about 8 of them sleeping but I have apready pretty much started a brawl.

I went for breakfast at a place I know that I go to because it serves decent breakfasts but I really don't eat at too often because of the little group that meeets there practically every morning. Like a lot of Pittsburgh things, this place is not really a city. It is more like an oversized village.

Anyway, the group consists of a few guys that heve never crossed the county like and there are a couple of 'Al Bundy' types, meaning they were once football heroes when they were in high school which was most likely when the school buses were pulled by oxen. You can generally expect them to beat a subject to death for months, especially if it involves sports.

The guys are generally loud and pretty self important and judge a man's character by things such as how he has lived in town or who he took to the prom back in the day. In short they are pretty obnoxious.

Today's subject is the penalty they NCAA gave Penn State. I'm sure it was yesterday's and the day before's.

I got tired of listening to what a raw deal the NCAA gave Penn State and I guess I just snapped a bit.

I told them that Penn State ought to just shut up and pony up because if I were running the NCAA I would have given them a ten year death penalty and then banned them from bowl games for another ten years.

Fatso got outraged, of course and started telling me what a great guy Joe Paterno was.

I cut him off at the knees byy telling him that great guys do not enable pedophiles. They report them.

That's when I reallly lit into them and told the whole group that if this damned football was so important that they should have supplied their sons to Jerry Sandusky to sodomize on a regular basis. Then when the traumatized kid was having night horrors and screaming out in his sleep, they could comfort him by telling the traumatized kid about how important it was to win the Big Game next Saturday. I ended my rant with "Put up or shut up."

You could have heard a pin drop.

Fatso recovered first and got to his feet. "Wat do you mean by that!" he snapped.

"Siddown before you fall down, Fatso." I said conversationally. "Your life was over the day after you caught that pass back in sixty whatever. What I mean is that you guys are as bad as Paterno. You want to cover up child molesters. I guess you all think it's OK to diddle kids."

"I said no such thing!" he answered.

"Yeah, ya did. By covering for Joe who covered for Sandusky you're simply saying it is OK to molest kids for the benefit of a damned GAME. Now sit down."

He looked stunned, but slowly sat down.

A voice from a booth came out of nowhere. "He's right. I didn't see any of you guys feeding your children to Sandusky. I suppose you guys think it's OK to molest somebody else's kids, but not your own."

My breakfast arrived and I ate it the the angry glares of the little group I had managed to put in their place.

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  1. "Like a lot of Pittsburgh things, this place is not really a city. It is more like an oversized village."

    Perfect description. Hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing that as my new go to line for describing PGH.