Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I had to listen to the 'it's OK to rip off the corporations' set the other day

and all the clown managed to get through to me is how much of an out and out thief he is.

This 'rip off the corporations to get even with them' is a bunch of crap. It is all a phoney justification of nothing more or less than outright theft. If you are so angry at such and such a corporation, simply stop doing business with them.

The other day I had to listen to some hippie type telling me that it was OK to swipe a tank of gas from the local station because the oil companies are cheating the public.

Yeah, right.

That tank of gas he stole from Larry's Service Stations did nothing to harm any corporation whatsoever. He simply robbed Larry, who is just a guy like the rest of us that busts his ass to make a living. Now Larry has to cover the loss out of his earnings, which ain't a whole lot after he pays his expenses.

Larry had already bought the gas so he could resell it, which is what most service stations do. Now Larry is out about $60.

The way the hippie carried on, you'd think he was some sort of Robin Hood when he really nothing more than a cheap, two-bit thief.

Even if he was stealing directly from the corporation itself, he isn't really going to hurt them because they will simply raise the prices to offset the loss of theft. Who winds up paying?

We all do.

I get pretty sick and tired of listening to people justify patent dishonesty by hiding behind some sort of political agenda.

For what it's worth, I admire an armed robber more than I admire that little hippie because at least the armed robber had enough moxie to pick up a gun and make no bones about what he was doing.

The armed robber is simply an honest thief and is making no bones about it. He's also taking a chance because some service station owners pack heat under the counter and the armed robber is taking a chance of getting shot.

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