Monday, July 9, 2012

Au usual there is something to do and I'll just have to do it.

I have a long day planned today so I guess I had better get on it.

Still, the blog is an important part of it and I'll stop everything for a few to write down something and maybe even something semi intelligent.

The cat sure has come an awful long way over the past ten days or so as far as becoming more outgoing goes. He's a whole lot less shy and more of a cat that owns the home.

While he does hole up and sleep most of the day away and is still quite nocturnal, he's not as scared as he was when he first got here. He's also a little more playful and the past couple of days has decided that bare feet are a good thing to attack.

I do not mind this at all because he attacks without taking his claws out so there isn't any blood being drawn and that is a good thing. Although he is now getting pretty playful and less shy, it is getting pretty obvious that he is not an older cat.

All of the cats I have had over the years were older kitties and mature animals are a lot less frisky and energetic. This is going to be interesting.

Still, the little guy is pretty affectionate and that's a good thing. He sleeps with me now, which is another change.

My WAS (worked all states) certificate got here this morning so I now have my pin and certificate which is a good thing as I'll make a copy and bring it to work.

My next project is to see if I can get 100 different countries and for that I ought to get a somewhat different antenna. For the price some people charge for a wire antenna I can get a 43 foot free standing vertical and set it up in the back yard,

This antenna radiates at a low angle and is perfect for DX by a lot of accounts so I guess I'll just have to send away to DX Engineering and check it out. The best part is that I already have the tuner necessary to run it between the 80 and 10 meter bands.

I'll reroute my other wire antenna for the 160 meter band and I'll be good to go.

Right now kitty seems fascinated by the dish washer and is standing next to is as it chruns away making dishwasher noises. Of course, as soon as I write it, he loses interest and gets all sneaky and starts plotting another attack on my bare feet.

It's 0735 and I gotta get my day started.


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