Thursday, July 19, 2012

One ot the things I have heard regarding the Penn State scandal is that they ought to

go back and strip the school of what it had won during the period that Sandusky was molesting children.

Oddly enough I disagree although maybe a note of what happened to Sandusky and JoPa belongs next to the victories to put things into perspective. Still, the truth is they were pretty good coaches. They racked up an awful lot of victories and ran one hell of a football program.

Military courts-martials often do this sort of thing. They strip the guilty of all medals and decorations. I feel it tarnishes things a bit because it covers up the truth.

A guy that committed any kind of horrible crime can be sentenced to heing handed a blindfold and a cigarette as far as I am concerned but stripping him of any medals awarded in my opinion is simply trying to change history.

You can not change the fact that the man being tried by court-martial at one time did something above and beyond the call of duty to have been awarded a medal. At one time this guy must havebeen a pretty spectacular GI.

We are all the sum of both good and bad and I think I am certain that even Mother Teresa has a little trace of dirt somewhere upon her life if you want to dig around enough. Maybe she was like me once and ran with scissors. I'm also pretty certain that somewhere along the line Charles Manson did something that kind to someone during his life. Maybe he taught a little kid not to run with scissors. Who knows?

Another reason for leaving the facts as they are is that it serves as an example to others what happens when someone falls. Leaving the victories intact at PSU shows someone that cares to look just how far the guilty fell. They were at the top of the world and fell a long, long way.

It will also serve to show people what happens when you forget about character and put a game above it.

To deny the good is just as much an untruth as denying the bad and when you look at things in that perspective. It is just another lie, but one told by the other side hiding behind the veil of justice.

The side of good says it is always searching for truth and truth is just that. Stay classy and let the facts speak for themselves.

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