Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tear down that statue

There is an argument going on over the Penn State statue of Joe Paterno.

The fans in denial want it to stay.

It should be torn down. If it isn't it will only be a legacy to a man that covered up for a pedophile for years and years.

The problem with a coverup is that it always that the truth eventually comes out and the resulting scandal is a lot bigger because Americans in general hate coverups.

I like the way the sevice acadamies handle things.

The first time someone like Sandusky is discovered he is fired, reported to the authorities and the entire affair is made public. Had the Penn State people in power done this years ago the whole thing would have blown over and be well behind them and they could have come out of the whole affair looking like a school that believes in doing the right thing. The integrity of the institution is preserved.

Even from a financial standpoint they make out better because there is generally only one victim and hence one lawsuit and one payout. Right now there is no telling how much money this is going to cost PSU and it is their own damned fault. I hope the alumni have pretty deep pockets because this is going to cost the school an awful lot of money. People are coming forward as I write this and God only knows how many will show up with their hand out.

Sandusky is now in jail and that's where he belongs. Paterno got off light by dying before this thing broke and while he likely never lad a hand on a kid, he enabled Sandusky to. By enabling Sandusky it means he condoned it and that is just about as bad as the crime itself and maybe even worse.

Had PSU simply canned Sandusky and quietly slid him out the door and compensated the victim years ago it would not have amounted to a whole lot and Joe would have stood the test of time intact because he did the right thing. It would not only have protected his legacy but added tremendously to it because he would have been known as a man or real character and integrity and a man that faced the hard issues head on.

Recently I heard a fan say that one smear should not ruin a great record and that Joe did things the hard way and did things right.


First of all it was not one little incident. It was decades of a coverup that enabled a monster to molest kids. Second, Joe did things wrong. He took the easy way out and covered for a monster.

I get tired of hearing about what a great guy he was. Great guys do not cover for monsters.

Over the years I have seen coverup after coverup and they generally end up the same way. Watergate, the Lewinsky scandal and a few more. Eventually the case comes to light and heads roll. Had Nixon or Clinton simply said, "Yeah, I did it. So what?" the entire scandal would have been a small couple of day non-event with the media and Nixon would have served his term out and Clinton would not have been impeached.

Leaving the statue up shows that PSU has not learned it's lesson. It's time for the NCAA to step in, do its job and teach PSU that sportsmen do not cover for monsters like that. It is time for action and a lesson to be learned for all schools with an athletic program.

Death penalty. Ten years.

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