Monday, July 16, 2012

Someone reminded me

 of the time I got called a racist at a party by the 'token Black' that was at the party. What was so funny about it is that it happened about a week after I had been partying with a group of blacks at a seaman's school in Maryland.

We'd had a few and a couple of the blacks there were teaching me to do the 'Temptation twirl', meaning I was gettin some sort of half-assed dance lessons. I suppose it was a ploy to monopolize the jukebox which was fine by me because I do listen to a lot of classic rock, much of which were created by black groups.

I have no idea why they tried as I am about as graceful on a dance floor as a cow is on roller skates but it was fun. The four or five us were lined up doing the Temptation choreography and after several tries I suppose I managed to look not TOO out of place, which means I was lousy.

The following night the same guys formed a little harmonizing quintet and they dragged me into it which was a riot because the only way I can carry a tune in a five gallon bucket is if the lid is put on factory tight. These guys were talented and really sounded good. I offered to slip out but they wouldn't have it. I sort of felt bad because I would have loved to sit back and listen to them. They were that good.

Still we had fun.

Anyway, I forgot what it was all about but I got called a racist because I didn't agree with the guy at the party.

Truth is he really didn't belong at the party but had been invited just because the host wanted to look like he was liberal minded or some such crap. I suppose it I had brought the guys I had been partying with a couple of days earlier the party would have just cooked but instead here I was dealing with an angry black that had been invited for the wrong reason and here he was callling me a racist.

"I'm a racist?" I shot back. "Me? Kid, you ought to get yourself a set of sheets and go burn a cross somewhere!"

The place went silent and several people looked horrorfied and it was a while before things went back to normal but over the course of the night an awful lot of people quietly told me I was right.

He was the biggest racist there.

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